Deadlines for grant holders

Grant holders are kindly asked to submit

- by January 10th after grant confirmation a lay summary of the project in german, french or italian, not more than 130 words, to be posted on the website and for printed information material (submit to raffaella.willmann(at)

- by January 15th after grant confirmation, and by January 15th every year during project duration, an invoice from the institution or an e-mail stating the bank account where the yearly contribution needs to be transferred (submit to philippe.rognon(at)

Download invoice template

- by January 31st after the last funding year: 1) a scientific report describing progress made in each of the grant application's aims, results obtained and future plans; 2) a financial report describing how the grant was spent (salaries with names, positions and employment times, if applicable other costs).
Please submit both reports to raffaella.willmann(at)