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Grant opportunity

Cure CMD is pleased to announce the availability of international research grant funding for the five primary subtypes of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy

Deadline: 22 July 2022


Grant opportunity

MDF will prioritize funding at least one project focused on DM2 and will accept and consider proposals for both DM1 and DM2.

Deadline for submissions: September 9th


International Conference on Muscle Wasting

Ascona, 11-16 September 2022

This meeting will focus on the intersection between basic aging mechanisms and their effect on skeletal muscle disease - particular focus will include cachexia, frailty and sarcopenia.

Abstracts extended until July 1st, registration until August 28th


Mentoring Programme

Do you see yourself as a future leader in NMD research? The just launched ENMC mid-career mentoring programme aims at helping the next generation of specialists and research leaders to develop their full potential and facilitate effective communication and collaboration with multiple stakeholders in the current NMD landscape.
Deadline for the first application round: 1 July 2022.

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Early Career Programme

Interested in participating in one of the upcoming ENMC workshops? If you are a young scientist (up to 5 years from your PhD defense) you may be eligible for a free participation.

List of upcoming ENMC workshops
Young Scientists Programme, conditions and guidelines


New papers


Novel roles of mTORC2 in regulation of insulin secretion by actin filament remodeling.

Blandino-Rosano M, Scheys JO, Werneck-de-Castro JP, Louzada RA, Almaca J, Leibowitz G, Ruegg MA, Hall MN, Bernal-Mizrachi E.
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2022 Jun 20.

20 Juni 2022

Pre-operative exercise and pyrexia as modifying factors in malignant hyperthermia (MH).

Riazi S, Bersselaar LRVD, Islander G, Heytens L, Snoeck MMJ, Bjorksten A, Gillies R, Dranitsaris G, Hellblom A, Treves S, Kunst G, Voermans NC, Jungbluth H.
Neuromuscul Disord. 2022 Jun...

11 Juni 2022

Development and early diagnosis of critical illness myopathy in COVID-19 associated acute respiratory distress syndrome

Rodriguez B, Branca M, Gutt-Will M, Roth M, Söll N, Nansoz S, Cameron DR, Tankisi H, Tan SV, Bostock H, Raabe A, Schefold JC, Jakob SM, Z'Graggen WJ.
J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle. 2022...

01 Juni 2022

Activation and Migration of Human Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells In Vitro Differently Rely on Calcium Signals.

Tollance A, Koenig S, Liaudet N, Frieden M.
Cells. 2022 May 19;11(10):1689.

19 Mai 2022

Urolithin A improves muscle strength, exercise performance, and biomarkers of mitochondrial health in a randomized trial in middle-aged adults.

Singh A, D'Amico D, Andreux PA, Fouassier AM, Blanco-Bose W, Evans M, Aebischer P, Auwerx J, Rinsch C.
Cell Rep Med. 2022 May 17;3(5):100633.

17 Mai 2022

Evaluation of real-life outcome data of patients with spinal muscular atrophy treated with nusinersen in Switzerland.

Tscherter A, Rüsch CT, Baumann D, Enzmann C, Hasselmann O, Jacquier D, Jung HH, Kruijshaar ME, Kuehni CE, Neuwirth C, Stettner GM, Klein A; Swiss-Reg-NMD group.
Neuromuscul Disord. 2022...

05 Mai 2022

International Validation of the Erasmus Guillain-Barré Syndrome Respiratory Insufficiency Score.

Doets AY, Walgaard C, Lingsma HF, Islam B, Papri N, Yamagishi Y, Kusunoki S, Dimachkie MM, Waheed W, Kolb N, Gorson KC, Jacobs BC; IGOS Consortium.
Ann Neurol. 2022 Apr;91(4):521-531

20 April 2022

Integrative molecular roadmap for direct conversion of fibroblasts into myocytes and myogenic progenitor cells.

Kim I, Ghosh A, Bundschuh N, Hinte L, Petrosyan E, von Meyenn F, Bar-Nur O.
Sci Adv. 2022 Apr 8;8(14):eabj4928.

08 April 2022

Skeletal Muscle Disorders: A Non-cardiac Source of Cardiac Troponin T.

du Fay de Lavallaz J, Prepoudis A, Wendebourg MJ, Kesenheimer E, Kyburz D, Daikeler T, Haaf P, Wanschitz J, Löscher WN, Schreiner B, Katan M, Jung HH, Maurer B, Hammerer-Lercher A, Mayr A, Gualandro...

07 April 2022

Creatine transporter-deficient rat model shows motor dysfunction, cerebellar alterations, and muscle creatine deficiency without muscle atrophy.

Duran-Trio L, Fernandes-Pires G, Grosse J, Soro-Arnaiz I, Roux-Petronelli C, Binz PA, De Bock K, Cudalbu C, Sandi C, Braissant O.
J Inherit Metab Dis. 2022 Mar;45(2):278-291.

31 März 2022