Upcoming meetings

This page aims at offering an overview on upcoming meetings and events in the field on muscle biology and neuromuscular disorders.




21-24.10.2021Interuniversity Institute of Myologyvirtual
5.-7.12.2021Swiss Meeting on Muscle ResearchMagglingen, Switzerland
7.-10.12.202132nd International Symposium on ALS/MNDvirtual
6.-10.12.2021EURO-NMD Translational ‘Summer’ School 2021Leiden, The Netherlands
9-11.2.20223rd Scientific and Clinical Congress on Spinal Muscular AtrophyBarcelona, Spain
16-19.6.2022Annual SMA ConferenceAnaheim, CA, USA
5-9-7-202217th International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases (ICNMD)Brussels, Belgium
7-10.7.2022CureCMD Scientific and Family ConferenceNashville, USA
12-15.9.2022International Myology Congress 2022Nice, France
15-17.9.2022MitoNiceNice, France
11-15.10.202227th World Muscle Society MeetingHalifax, Canada