Upcoming meetings

This page aims at offering an overview on upcoming meetings and events in the field on muscle biology and neuromuscular disorders.




11-16.9.2022International Conference on Muscle WastingAscona, Switzerland
12-15.9.2022International Myology Congress 2022Nice, France
15-17.9.2022MitoNiceNice, France
30.9-2.10.2022Muscle Study Group Annual Scientific MeetingStresa, Italy
11-15.10.202227th World Muscle Society MeetingHalifax, Canada
20-23.10.202219th IIM MeetingAssisi, Italy
21-23.10.2022Interenational scientific Congress on SMABarcelona, Spain
6.-9.12.202233th international symposium on ALS/MNDvirtual
15-17.3.2023Advances in Skeletal Muscle Biology in Health and DiseaseGainesville, USA
19-22.3.2023MDA clinical and scientific conferenceDallas, USA
19.9.20236th Ottawa International Conference on Neuromuscular Disease and Biology Ottawa, Canada