The neuromuscular junction is a focal point of mTORC1 signaling in sarcopenia

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09 settembre 2020

Bi-allelic expression of the RyR1 p.A4329D mutation decreases muscle strength in slow- twitch muscles in mice.

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24 luglio 2020

Exercise promotes satellite cell contribution to myofibers in a load-dependent manner.

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09 luglio 2020

Hallmarks of frailty and osteosarcopenia in prematurely aged PolgA(D257A/D257A) mice.

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28 giugno 2020

In vitro evaluation of human myoblast function after exposure to cobalt and chromium ions.

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08 giugno 2020

Structural Transition, Function and Dysfunction of TDP-43 in Neurodegenerative Diseases.

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29 maggio 2020

Molecular basis of impaired extraocular muscle function in a mouse model of congenital myopathy due to compound heterozygous Ryr1 mutations.

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28 maggio 2020

The effect of resistance training, detraining and retraining on muscle strength and power, myofibre size, satellite cells and myonuclei in older men.

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11 maggio 2020

Functional domains of the FgfrL1 receptor.

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01 maggio 2020

Selective inhibition of anti-MAG IgM autoantibody binding to myelin by an antigen specific glycopolymer.

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30 aprile 2020