Pre-operative exercise and pyrexia as modifying factors in malignant hyperthermia (MH).

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11 juin 2022

Development and early diagnosis of critical illness myopathy in COVID-19 associated acute respiratory distress syndrome

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01 juin 2022

Activation and Migration of Human Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells In Vitro Differently Rely on Calcium Signals.

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19 mai 2022

Urolithin A improves muscle strength, exercise performance, and biomarkers of mitochondrial health in a randomized trial in middle-aged adults.

Singh A, D'Amico D, Andreux PA, Fouassier AM, Blanco-Bose W, Evans M, Aebischer P, Auwerx J, Rinsch C. Cell Rep Med. 2022 May 17;3(5):100633.

17 mai 2022

Evaluation of real-life outcome data of patients with spinal muscular atrophy treated with nusinersen in Switzerland.

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05 mai 2022

International Validation of the Erasmus Guillain-Barré Syndrome Respiratory Insufficiency Score.

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20 avril 2022

Integrative molecular roadmap for direct conversion of fibroblasts into myocytes and myogenic progenitor cells.

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08 avril 2022

Skeletal Muscle Disorders: A Non-cardiac Source of Cardiac Troponin T.

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07 avril 2022

Creatine transporter-deficient rat model shows motor dysfunction, cerebellar alterations, and muscle creatine deficiency without muscle atrophy.

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31 mars 2022

Myostatin gene inactivation increases post-mortem calpain-dependent muscle proteolysis in mice.

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15 mars 2022