Inhibiting de novo ceramide synthesis restores mitochondrial and protein homeostasis in muscle aging.

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17 Mai 2023

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15 April 2023

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01 April 2023

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28 März 2023

Quantitative proteomic analysis of skeletal muscles from wild-type and transgenic mice carrying recessive Ryr1 mutations linked to congenital myopathies.

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02 März 2023

Radiomics and machine learning applied to STIR sequence for prediction of quantitative parameters in facioscapulohumeral disease.

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24 Februar 2023

Antibodies Produced by CLL Phenotype B Cells in Patients With Myasthenia Gravis Are Not Directed Against Neuromuscular Endplates.

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08 Februar 2023

New tools to study the interaction between integrins and latent TGFβ1.

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26 Januar 2023

The molecular athlete: exercise physiology from mechanisms to medals.

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05 Januar 2023