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Job opportunity

One post-doctoral position is available at the Medical Faculty, University of Geneva, in the group of Prof. Perrine Castets that will be started in September 2019. The main interests of the group are to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the loss of muscle function in systemic conditions and neuromuscular diseases.

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Rapport d'atelier ENMC

Developing guidelines for management of reproductive options for families with maternally inherited mtDNA disease
22-24 March 2019
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Diagnosis and management of Juvenile Myasthenia Gravis
1-3 March 2019
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Towards a European Unifying lab for Kennedy's disease
15-17 février 2019
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Gothenburg, 10-14 June 2019

Challenges in Myotonic Dystrophy – from basic science to therapy

Registration open

Dreiländer-Kongress Mitochondriale Medizin 2019

Zürich, 4.-5. Juli 2019

Hauptthemen des Kongresses sind die Fortschritte in der genetischen Diagnostik und in der Therapieentwicklung bei mitochondrialen Erkrankungen. Neu ist der Wissenschaftspreis 2019 des Deutschen Netzwerks für mitochondriale Erkrankungen (mitoNET) für für den besten Posterbeitrag oder freien Vortrag. 

Anmeldeschluss ist der 15. Juni 2019

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Job opportunity

Positions will be available for MSc and PhD studentships, postdoctoral fellows and research associates (lab-based and clinical) at The Ottawa Hospital and University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, Canada – please contact us if you are interested in joining the team.

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Specific inhibition of splicing factor activity by decoy RNA oligonucleotides.

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17 mai 2019

Pharmacological targeting of age-related changes in skeletal muscle tissue.

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02 mai 2019