Upcoming meetings

This page aims at offering an overview on upcoming meetings and events in the field on muscle biology and neuromuscular disorders.




25-28.3.2019AFM-Telethon Scientific Congress in MyologyBordeaux, France
27-30.3.20193rd Global Conference on MyositisBerlin, Germany
4-5.4.201911th Annual Neuromuscular Translational Research ConferenceNewcastle, UK
13-17.4.2019MDA Clinical and Scientific ConferenceOrlando, USA
8-11.5.2019Re(Act) CongressOttawa, Canada
18-19.5.2019Gordon Research Seminar-Muscle: Excitation-Contraction CouplingLucca, Italy
19-24.5.2019Gordon Research Conference-Muscle: Excitation-Contraction CouplingLucca, Italy
10-14.6.2019Challenges in Myotonic Dystrophy – from basic science to therapyGothenburg, Sweden
8-9.6.2019Gordon Research Seminar-MyogenesisLucca, Italy
9-14.6.2019Gordon Research Conference-MyogenesisLucca, Italy
17-18.6.2019Rare Diseases and Orphan DrugsBerlin, Germany
28-30.6.2019SMA Researcher MeetingAnaheim, USA
17-19.11.2019MYO-MRI: MRI amd MRS in neuromuscular diseasesBerlin, Germany
10.20195th Ottawa International Conference on Neuromuscular Disease and BiologyOttawa, Canada
1-5.10.201924th international Congress of the World Muscle SocietyCopenhagen, Denmark