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Post-Doc position in computational science

The Claassen group at the Institute for Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zurich is offering a position for a postdoctoral researcher in computational single cell transcriptomics time series models for personalized medicine.

International PhD program in Life Sciences, University of Geneva

Geneva offers an outstanding environment for study and research in the molecular life sciences in a beautiful natural setting. Highly motivated students with a Master’s degree or equivalent can apply to the program. Application deadline is June 20th, 2017.

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PhD position in genome editing – CRISPR biology, ETH Zürich

The research team develops CRISPR-based molecular technologies to interrogate genetic elements in cell and animal models as well as apply them as diagnostics and treatments for genetic disorders. The activities surrounding this position will be a mixture of molecular, cellular, and computational biology as well as represent exciting opportunities enabling innovation in genome engineering, synthetic biology, and various aspects related to neurological disorders. 

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Fellowship program, Biozentrum, University of Basel

The “Fellowships for Excellence” PhD students can select a research group of their choice after one or two two-month rotations in different research groups. Applications are possible until June 20th 2017.

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PhD position in Stem Cell Biology, ETH Zürich

The research project addresses the mechanisms by which adult human stem and progenitor cells, needed e.g. for tissue repair, are mobilized into circulation by physical exercise, including factors such as obesity and ageing. A better understanding of these processes of mobilization, function and apoptosis will then allow to design individually tailored, most effective physical training programs. This project will run in strong collaboration with other ETH research groups and it will start as soon as possible.

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