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30 März 2020

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19 März 2020

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13 März 2020

Mice carrying an analogous heterozygous Dynamin 2 K562E mutation that causes neuropathy in humans develop predominant characteristics of a primary myopathy.

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04 März 2020

STIM1 long and STIM1 gate differently TRPC1 during store-operated calcium entry.

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17 Februar 2020

mTORC 1 signalling is not essential for the maintenance of muscle mass and function in adult sedentary mice.

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13 Februar 2020

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31 Januar 2020

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18 Januar 2020

Lifestyle vs. pharmacological interventions for healthy aging.

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07 Januar 2020

Characterization of mesoangioblast cell fate and improved promyogenic potential of a satellite cell-like subpopulation upon transplantation in dystrophic murine muscles.

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16 Dezember 2019